CSV Sistemas is a company dedicated to the engineering and manufacture of electronics and wiring systems. Since 2000 until today, we have provided the solutions our clients have required us. We have been growing and adapting our structure to their needs at all times.

We have designed our facilities to allow changes in the production process with surprising agility. So we can manufacture with the same level of quality individualized preparations, as large production of electronic systems or cables for industries.


We have a team where the talent of each component enhances and complements the performance of others. A team whose level of effort and experience contribute to improve every day our professionalism.

This is the path we have chosen to place CSV Sistemas among the best suppliers of electronic and electrical connection systems. It is what allows us to achieve the level of reliability and quality that our customers need.


Our facilities are designed to make easier the adaptation of our production process to almost any need of our customers. A space to develop and manufacture electronic circuits and wiring that needs your company.

Our location in the Technology Park of Boecillo is not by chance. We are in one of the most promising environments for technology companies of Castilla and Leon.



Our goal for each project is contribute with our electronics and our cabling to create added value to your company and your customers.


We are open mind professionals focused on service. We adapt ourselves to different amplitudes of projects, different production levels and different possibilities for delivering our finished products.


Wiring and electronics manufacturing allows us to provide better service tailored to the needs of your company. You just tell us what you need and we will advise you on its development and manufacture it. Simple and uncomplicated.


We are approved to work with some of the most demanding manufacturers market. We also have Philips recognition as Valladolid BestSupplier in 2015 and 2019. In addition, the components we use to assemble, have international certifications, so, we facilitate the task of approval of your products.


We are a family company, with little bureaucracy and where communication flows fast and orderly. The best way to guarantee the result you need.


For CSV systems, quality is to provide the certainty that our common projects are reliable and that they will give equal or greater than expected results. So we apply techniques work as LEAN Manufacturing and Total Quality. In addition, we are certified in ISO 9001: 2015 by TÜV.


Proyecto financiado por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) de la Unión Europea y la Junta de Castilla y León, a través del Instituto para la Competitividad Empresarial de Castilla y León (ICE), con el objetivo de conseguir un tejido empresarial más competitivo.

Expediente nº: 02/18/VA/0028 | Plazo de realización: 11/10/2018 – 17/08/2020

Cabling System Valladolid, S.L. ha ejecutado el presente Proyecto de Inversión, con el propósito de ampliar y reunir en una misma parcela sus instalaciones dedicadas a almacenaje, producción de cableado, oficinas de gerencia y dirección, administración y formación. El objetivo principal es mejorar y unificar sus instalaciones y, por ende, optimizar su capacidad productiva.

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