For the team of CSV Sistemas, manufacturing a cable is much more than collect and assemble wire connectors up to form a wiring harness. Our cables must comply strictly with the requirements posed by our customers. Our wiring feeds electronics, gives current devices, etc … We must develop the means to function without interference and with reliability. All regardless of their working environment.

  • Reliability

    Attention to detail, strength, perseverance and attention. It is what makes us able to manufacture large cables productio without mistakes.

  • Tailor-Made

    Do not look for other wiring for use in your products. Tell us what you exactly need for your application. In CSV manufacturing systems we will make the appropriate cable.

  • Counseling

    Our know-how goes back more than 30 years ago. We know what your cables need to ensure that their environment does not compromise their resistance.


The capacity of our factory allows us to produce cables for virtually any type of industry. In fact, throughout our history we have manufactured wired for industries such as automotive, HVAC, conventional lighting, LED lighting, appliances, etc., always successfully overcoming the various rules and technical requirements.

Our experience allows us to anticipate the efforts that will be under our cables. For example, we use developments silicone or glass fiber on a cable when intended to work in environments with high temperatures and mechanical stress. Other circumstances can lead us to use hoses and PVC wiring, rubber, neoprene, Teflon, etc.



We produce cables made strictly as specified by our customers to meet their needs. This means that there is no standard termination of our cables.

Some cables will be terminated with an end connector and one with a simple crimping. But we can also deliver the cables connected to the corresponding electronic or finishing in one piece made in injected plastic, which will be visible to the end user of the product.